Vlisco Netherlands

A textile printing company, based since its birth in 1846 in Helmond, Brabant

Its origins were in Indonesian batik designs but for over 100 years of its history Vlisco’s main markets have been in West and Central Africa.

There is no other brand nor business whose products have become part of African culture as have Vlisco’s designs.

And this is because of African women, who traded the fabrics from the outset, and gave them names and meanings that no Dutch designer could ever have imagined. It is also due to the way that African women converted the fabric into garments to express their individuality, status, achievements and beauty. Dutch imagination met African self-expression.

As the world rightly frets about the impact of fast fashion on the global environment it would do well to remember that slow fashion is the African way and a better way.

For those who want to work at Vlisco, they will discover a company devoted to Africa and to African women whilst still designing prints that are described as ‘works of art’. It is also a company steeped in tradition and generations of technical know-how but ready to adapt to new ways and new ideas.

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Current openings

Data Engineer
Coordinator Dyes and Chemicals
Colour Support Controller
Medewerker Factory Outlet
Internal Communications Manager
Human Resources
Open Sollicitatie Operations Vlisco Netherlands B.V.
Operator De-WAX
Operator WAX Base D&C
Operator Colour Kitchen
Operator Making-Up
HR Manager Creative & Commerce
Human Resources


Our Secondary job conditions

  • Competitive salary, including an extra 13th month salary, an 8% holiday allowance and yearly bonus options and a pension plan;

  • A diverse, pleasant and entrepreneurial work environment in which devotion to Africa and craftmanship are at its centre; 

  • Training and development opportunities, including a personal budget as well as courses offered through our very own Vlisco Academy;

  • A workplace situated in the centre of Helmond, within walking distance of Helmond Station.

Where to find us?

Binnen Parallelweg 27, Helmond (5701 PH)

Vlisco Netherlands

Vlisco is a Dutch design company; a textile printing company, based since its birth in 1846 in Helmond, Brabant.