Vlisco Netherlands

A Dutch design and textile printing company since 1846

Influenced by Indonesian Batik, designed in the Netherlands, Vlisco’s history and design style is a multicultural mixture of beauty and industrial craftsmanship. Founded in 1846 by Dutch entrepreneurs, Vlisco is one of the world’s most dynamic fabric design companies with a reputation for surprising creativity and global exchange. Within this exchange is the story of African women — entrepreneurs and tailors who took Vlisco prints into their hearts and culture; creating meanings around the designs and beautiful garments to express their individuality. To work for Vlisco is to work in a company with one of the world’s biggest textile archives and with processes that honour old-fashioned craftsmanship, still in the original factories of Helmond. It is to be part of a design-led company fuelled by a blend of European and African brilliance which centres the strength and vibrancy of the women of Africa. 


Currently we have no Internships available. If new internships and new vacancies will occur, they will be posted above. 


Where to find us?

Binnen Parallelweg 27, Helmond (5701 PH)

Vlisco Netherlands

Vlisco is a Dutch design and textile printing company with 173 years of history.