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Privacy Policy - Vlisco Netherlands B.V.

Job applicants

Last update: 24-08-2020

1              Introduction

1.1          This Privacy Policy (‘Policy’) is used by Vlisco Netherlands B.V., a private limited company incorporated under Dutch law, entered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 50751492, with its registered office in Helmond and its principal place of business at Binnen Parallelweg 27, 5701 PH Helmond (referred to below as: ‘Vlisco’ or ‘we’). Vlisco can be reached at

1.2          This Policy intends to explain why and how Vlisco processes data that identifies or could identify individuals (‘Personal Data’) when dealing with job applicants. If you are a customer (wholesale or consumer), supplier or other business contact, this Policy does not apply to you.

1.3          Unless stated otherwise, Vlisco is the ‘Controller’ within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) for the processing of Personal Data referred to in this Policy. Vlisco may amend this Policy at any time. If this Policy is amended, it will be made available to you through publication on the website (‘Website’). If you have any questions after reading this Policy, contact Vlisco using the above contact details.

1.4          This Policy consists of the following components:

  • Introduction
  • What Personal Data do we process?
  • For what purposes do we process Personal Data?
  • Who can receive Personal Data?
  • For how long do we retain your personal data?
  • How do we secure your Personal Data?
  • What are your rights?
  • What else is important to know?

2              What Personal Data do we process?

2.1          As part of your application for a job at or interest in Vlisco, we may process personal data. Vlisco is the Controller under the GDPR. This means that with respect to the Personal Data referred to in this Policy, we are responsible for determining the purpose and means of processing.

Personal data that are processed automatically

2.2          If you apply for a job via the Website or otherwise express interest in Vlisco as an employer, we may automatically collect Personal Data about you and/or the device you are using. We do not intend to identify you, but since it is possible to identify you directly or indirectly based on this information, this Policy informs you transparently. Automatically collected Personal Data can include:

2.2.1            your IP address

2.2.2            your mobile device ID

2.2.3            information about your settings, such as aspect ratio, screen resolution, language settings, browser information (user agent) and/or operating system

2.2.4            the pages you visited on our website, but also pages before you visited our website (source)

2.2.5            your location and time zone

2.3          We process these data with cookies and other similar techniques. More information about the cookies we use can be found in our Cookie Statement [include hyperlink].

Personal data that you provide

2.4          The Personal Data that Vlisco processes as part of your job application or interest in Vlisco as an employer may include:

2.4.1            your first and last name

2.4.2            your contact details

2.4.3            your address details

2.4.4            your email address and/or telephone number

2.4.5            your CV and education/training details

2.4.6            your photograph

2.4.7            your motivation letter

2.4.8            your LinkedIn profile

2.4.9            your communication with Vlisco as part of your job application or interest in Vlisco as an employer

2.5          Besides these Personal Data, you may provide us with further Personal Data during your contact with us. These categories of Personal Data are involved:

2.5.1            Information needed to conclude an employment contract with you following a successful job application process, including but not limited to the following information:

a.      financial data

b.      your citizen service number

c.      data about your dependants

Vlisco’s internal privacy policy applies to the processing of the Personal Data referred to in this Article 2.5.1. You will receive a copy of the internal privacy policy in due time before or at the same time as the request to provide these Personal Data.

2.6          If you choose to voluntarily provide us with Personal Data other than the above, we recommend that you keep this provision to an absolute minimum and do not provide us with sensitive or special personal data, such as data revealing your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and any processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying an individual, or data concerning health, or data concerning a natural person’s sexual life or sexual orientation.

2.7          Providing the requested Personal Data under 2.4.1. - 2.4.5 is mandatory, in principle, and a necessary condition for concluding an employment contract with Vlisco. If these data are not provided, Vlisco may not be able to comply with its obligations under the contract that has been or is to be concluded. The provision of the requested Personal Data as from 2.4.5. is not mandatory in principle, and not a necessary condition for concluding a contract with Vlisco.


2.8          In principle, Vlisco collects Personal Data from you. This is not so in these cases:

2.8.1            if Vlisco has engaged a temporary employment agency, headhunting or similar service to recruit new employees

2.8.2            if we have contacted you via your LinkedIn profile

2.8.3            if a Vlisco employee has recommended us to you

3              For what purposes do we process Personal Data?

3.1          Vlisco processes the above Personal Data for these purposes:

3.1.1            to enable Vlisco to recruit, assess and possibly hire new employees

3.1.2            to enable Vlisco to schedule interviews with potential new employees

3.1.3            to enable Vlisco to enter into a contract with you and perform this contract, including but not limited to an employment contract

3.1.4            to communicate with you: when you contact us, we process your contact details, such as your name, email address and any other Personal Data you provide to us

3.1.5            to personalise our Website and recruitment processes

3.1.6            to improve our Website and recruitment processes

3.1.7            to secure our Website

3.1.8            to comply with a statutory obligation: we may be required by law or by a court order to process and/or transfer certain Personal Data

3.1.9            to enable Vlisco to inform you about suitable vacancies with your consent

3.2          Vlisco has several lawful bases for processing your Personal Data. The applicable bases are set out below:

3.2.1            The processing is necessary for performing a contract to which you are a party or, at your request, to adopt measures prior to concluding a contract.

3.2.2            To enable Vlisco to comply with its statutory obligations.

3.2.3            Vlisco’s legitimate interest in conducting its business, including but not limited to the performance of the contract to which your company, your employer or your client is a party, unless your interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms that require the protection of Personal Data outweigh those interests.

3.2.4            The processing is necessary to promote Vlisco’s legitimate interests.

3.2.5            If necessary, Vlisco will ask for your additional consent for processing your Personal Data.

4              Who can receive Personal Data?

4.1          Vlisco discloses Personal Data to third parties, known as ‘recipients’, if this is necessary for achieving the purposes set out in this Policy. The categories of recipients of the Personal Data are:

4.1.1            our suppliers, including but not limited to the party that hosts our data and IT suppliers

4.1.2            other companies affiliated with Vlisco, or as required for compliance, internal reporting, audit and/or security purposes, or for performing a contract with you

4.1.3            external consultants, insofar as they are involved in the job application process, such as assessment agencies

4.1.4            our analytical service providers for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of our Website

4.1.5            government agencies, if we are required to provide your Personal Data to a supervisory authority (such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority) or other government agencies

4.1.6            if Personal Data must be transferred to third parties because Vlisco is being bought or merged, part of its assets is being sold, or in the event of a corporate reorganisation

4.2          Where Vlisco transfers your data to recipients that process these data only on behalf of Vlisco and not for their own purposes, it has made proper written arrangements with these recipients (‘processors’ within the meaning of the GDPR) regarding the processing of your data.

4.3          In principle, Vlisco does not transfer Personal Data to countries outside the European Economic Area or international organisations, except in the cases mentioned below.

4.4          Vlisco transfers Personal Data to other companies within the same group, including these companies’ shareholders. These companies may be located outside the European Economic Area. Vlisco and these companies have adopted appropriate safeguards to guarantee the proper handling of your Personal Data.

4.5          Should Vlisco transfer Personal Data outside the European Economic Area or to international organisations in any other way, it will determine whether an adequacy decision exists within the meaning of the GDPR, and if no such decision exists, Personal Data will be transferred only if there are appropriate or suitable safeguards. In that case, a copy of these documents will be available at Vlisco.

5              For how long do we retain your personal data?

5.1          We retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary to achieve the above purposes. With your consent, we will keep your data processed for an application process for up to one year after the end of this process.

5.2          Vlisco may retain your Personal Data as required or necessary to comply with applicable laws or to comply with statutory, reporting or auditing requirements. Where possible, we either pseudo-anonymise your Personal Data or retain it only in aggregate form.

6              How do we secure your Personal Data?

6.1          Vlisco attaches great importance to protecting personal data and has adopted appropriate technical and organisational measures for this purpose. These measures meet the requirements set by the GDPR. The following measures have been implemented to secure your Personal Data:

6.1.1            the transfer of Personal Data via the Website is encrypted

6.1.2            the servers on which your Personal Data are stored are equipped with passwords and other appropriate security measures

6.1.3            access to servers is restricted to a limited number of people

6.1.4            the servers are up-to-date

7              What are your rights?

7.1          The GDPR grants the following rights to Data Subjects depending on the situation and subject to conditions:

7.1.1            the right to request Vlisco to give access to the Personal Data

7.1.2            the right to request Vlisco to rectify Personal Data

7.1.3            the right to request Vlisco to remove Personal Data

7.1.4            the right to request Vlisco whether processing can be restricted

7.1.5            the right to object to the processing

7.1.6            the right to data portability

7.1.7            where processing is based on consent: the right to withdraw consent at any time, notwithstanding the lawfulness of processing prior to this withdrawal

7.1.8            the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

7.2          Vlisco may request specific additional information, such as proof of identity, for these rights to be exercised. This additional information is processed only for the purpose of exercising the above rights.

8              What else is important to know?

8.1          This Policy is effective for the entire duration of the processing operations referred to in this Policy, or until it is terminated by Vlisco.

8.2          Only Dutch law applies to this Policy and all agreements and legal relationships between you and Vlisco. Any disputes relating to or arising from this Policy and the use of the Website will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the judicial district of Oost-Brabant, hearing location ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, unless another court is competent based on a mandatory statutory provision.

8.3          For questions regarding this Policy or Vlisco’s processing of Personal Data, and for requests regarding your Personal Data, contact Vlisco using the information provided in Article 1.1 of this Policy. 


Vlisco Netherlands B.V. Cookie Statement

Last update: 24-08-2020

1              Introduction

1.1          This Cookie Statement (‘Statement’) is used by Vlisco Netherlands B.V., a private limited company incorporated under Dutch law, entered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 50751492, with its registered office in Helmond and its principal place of business at Binnen Parallelweg 27, 5701 PH Helmond (referred to below as: ‘Vlisco’ or ‘we’). Vlisco can be reached at

1.2          This Statement intends to explain why and how Vlisco processes data that identify or could identify individuals (‘Personal Data’) using cookies and similar techniques, as will be defined further below. It applies to the Processing of Personal Data through such cookies on its website, at and, including the subdomains on it, such as (‘Website’).

1.3          For the Processing of Personal Data via the Website that does not occur through Cookies, we refer to our Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement can be viewed on this page [include hyperlink to privacy statement here].

2              Cookies

2.1          Cookies are small data packets that are sent to your browser and stored on the device that you use to visit different locations on the internet. Vlisco uses these cookies to ensure that the Website can be used as it intends. For example, the cookies we use allow you to fill in the contact form that we have placed on the Website or to choose whether you want to see the Website in Dutch or English.

3              Purposes

3.1          Vlisco uses Cookies on the Website for the purpose of:

3.1.1            facilitating an optimal Website

3.1.2            developing and improving the Website

3.1.3            saving preferences, such as language, location, etc.

3.1.4            enabling you to contact Vlisco via the Website

3.1.5            analysing the use of the Website

3.1.6            creating statistics on the use of the Website

3.1.7            optimising recruitment processes

4              Which cookies are used?

4.1          An overview of the cookies that are placed, what they do, and how long they work follows below.

Cookies that ensure the Website functions properly

4.2          These cookies are used to ensure that the Website functions properly. For example, cookies are placed to ensure that the language you have chosen is remembered while you continue to browse the Website.

4.3          Vlisco uses the following cookies for:

4.3.1            communicating with Vlisco via the contact form

4.3.2            remembering the language you have chosen

4.3.3            accepting the cookies, measuring whether you have accepted the cookies

4.3.4            offering you the opportunity to apply via LinkedIn or Indeed; LinkedIn or Indeed might place cookies on the website

4.4          We refer to the following third parties for the relevant privacy statements:

4.4.1            LinkedIn

4.4.2            Indeed

Cookies that enable us to measure the use of the Website

4.5          It is good for Vlisco to know which parts of the Website are viewed the best. Vlisco does this by using the software and/or techniques of a third party. We use this to look at the number of visitors, for example. This information is then used to create statistics that inform Vlisco about how the Website is used. The statistics cannot be traced back to natural persons.

4.6          Vlisco uses these cookies for:

4.6.1            measuring the source, i.e. the web page from which you have reached our Website

4.6.2            measuring how many pages you have visited on the Website

4.6.3            being able to use Google analytics

Cookies to share the content of our Website via social media

4.7          It is possible to share certain parts of the Website with others on social media using the buttons on our Website. To facilitate this, we use third-party cookies, so this third party recognises you when you want to share something.

4.8          The cookies placed enable third parties to collect personal data about you. More information about this collection and processing can be found in the privacy statement of those third parties. Note that these statements may change regularly.

4.9          We refer to the following third parties for the relevant privacy statements:

4.9.1            Facebook

4.9.2            Twitter

4.9.3            LinkedIn

4.9.4            Instagram

4.9.5            YouTube

4.9.6            Glassdoor

5              Other cookies

5.1          Vlisco may not always have access to the cookies third parties place via the Website. An example of this is the use of embedded elements on the Website. These are texts, images or videos that are not stored at Vlisco or on the Website, but are shown via the Website. If you encounter cookies on the Website that fall into this category but we have not mentioned them above, please let us know.

6              Browser settings

6.1          If you do not agree to cookies being placed on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings so you receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can adjust these settings so the browser rejects all cookies or just third-party cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies that have already been placed. Note that you need to adjust the settings separately for each browser and each device you use.

6.2          However, if you do not allow cookies, we can no longer guarantee that the Website functions optimally. Some functions may be lost and others may no longer be visible. Refusing cookies does not mean you will no longer see any advertisements, only that you will no longer see any personalised advertisements.

6.3          More information about your browser settings can be obtained from your browser’s help function.

6.4          Here are hyperlinks to pages about cookies for the most common browsers:

6.4.1            Mozilla Firefox

6.4.2            Google Chrome

6.4.3            Internet Explorer

6.4.4            Safari

6.5          If you wish to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do this at Your Online Choices.

7              Consent

7.1          On your first visit to the Website, you accepted the cookies that Vlisco uses through the Website. If you wish to revoke your consent, you need to delete the cookies placed via your browser settings and stop using the Website.

8              Amendments

8.1          This Statement will have to be amended occasionally because the Website or the rules on cookies change. Vlisco reserves the right to amend this Statement without prior notice. This page will always contain the latest version of the cookie statement.

9 Additional information

9.1 All cookie and privacy statements as stated on the website apply on every website that is managed by Vlisco Netherlands. For the complete text or extra information you can visit