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  • Helmond, Netherlands

Travel Agent


Do you like to work independently in a dynamic and varied environment with international colleagues and other cultures? We are looking for a Travel Agent for the organisation of international business trips and events so that Vlisco staff can experience optimum levels of support in this specific area.

What are the key tasks?

  • In addition to organizing business trips, you are also responsible for arranging visas, hotels and transport.
  • You communicate with the personal assistants, the country managers and the directors of the various countries in which Vlisco operates.
  • You provide valuable information and communication of the travel schedules, considering the security situation in the countries.
  • You organise events.
  • You work in collaboration with travel agencies contracted by Vlisco.

Job requirements

What are the standards of performance?

  • Quality, efficiency and speed of dealing with business travel requests.
  • Completeness and quality of information.
  • Satisfaction of travellers.
  • Quality, flexibility, creativity. result orientation and customer friendliness.

What is your background?

  • Bachelor/Master degree.
  • 2-5 years relevant work experience.
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations with respect to travelling.
  • Excellent MS365 skills.
  • Good knowledge and use of travel software and platforms.
  • Good knowledge of the business.
  • Proficient in Dutch and English, preferably also French.
  • Excellent communicative skills and a proactive attitude.
  • You don't mind working outside office hours.

About Vlisco

Its origins were in Indonesian batik designs but for over 100 years of its history Vlisco’s main markets have been in West and Central Africa. There is no other brand nor business whose products have become part of African culture as have Vlisco’s designs.

And this is because of African women, who traded the fabrics from the outset, and gave them names and meanings that no Dutch designer could ever have imagined. It is also due to the way that African women converted the fabric into garments to express their individuality, status, achievements, and beauty. Dutch imagination met African self-expression. As the world rightly frets about the impact of fast fashion on the global environment it would do well to remember that slow fashion is the African way and a better way. For those who want to work at Vlisco, they will discover a company devoted to Africa and to African women whilst still designing prints that are described as ‘works of art’. It is also a company steeped in tradition and generations of technical know-how but ready to adapt to new ways and new ideas.


If you would like more information about this vacancy, you can reach out to our Recruitment Department by email; If you consider yourself to be the right candidate and you live in the Helmond / Eindhoven region, please apply by sending us your resume and reason for your interest by using the button below.