Freelance Textile Designer



Design, development and effectuation of patterns in order to bring about a constant flow of new and innovative designs so that the position of the company – as trendsetter in our chosen markets – is guaranteed and consolidated.



Autonomous development of design ideas, based on market & customer input from basic sketch to fully finished design solutions, taking into account the commercial, chemical and production-specific technical requirements in order to produce collections for the various individual markets on the basis of innovative, aesthetic and intrinsic arguments. 

In particular, this involves:

  • Continuously generating ideas, formulating concepts, developing one's own vision with respect to fashion trends, and translating these into traditional and new patterns;
  • Developing and visualizing and working out sketches;
  • Using sketching, drawing and artist's materials and having professional recourse to various manual and digital visualization techniques;
  • Proposing color combinations;
  • Evaluating new designs, arguing new forms and ideas and, if necessary, modifying designs to take into account new insights;
  • Giving technical instructions and assignments to design support colleagues.

New product development

Developing new concepts, independently of current commercial and technical limitations, so that a contribution can be made to ongoing product innovation.

In particular, this involves:

  • Using distinctive colors, color schemes and compositions to supplement the standard palette of colors;
  • Working experimentally with a diversity of materials and techniques;
  • Looking for forms and effects on the basis of which new concepts and/or procedures can be developed;
  • Consulting with R&D and production with respect to production possibilities. 


Following and studying cultural and market trends and news from the world of visual arts as a stimulus for the creative process and for developing an all-round vision in the chosen discipline.


Vlisco will give you the opportunity to follow a detailed product- and process training internally. The training is specifically focused on the production process and the products of Vlisco as well as on the market in which Vlisco operates. Knowledge of the market and the process is essential to deliver a successful assignment. The training is full time and planned between 3 to 4 months continuously or split into several parts. This unique internal training will be compensated.


After you are working on Vlisco designs independently, we will regularly request you to come back to the head office, to keep feeling with the design department, feedback on designs and process and input on the market.


  • The designs are exclusively designed for Vlisco;
  • You have at least a bachelor degree from Design or Art Academy;
  • You are an independent worker, meticulous, are proactive, and can surprise us with your creativity and new ideas; resulting in an individual aesthetic style;
  • You have knowledge of:
    • Visualization techniques in the broadest sense;
    • Technical standards and design rules for printing textiles;
    • Commercial standards and design rules;
    • Fabrics, inc. substrates, enhancement techniques, history of textiles;
    • Current developments in design, visual art and fashion trends, demographic and economic developments;
  • You are fluent in English language.